Step out of the office and into a world of caring for our precious Earth and wildlife, both plant and animal. Your company can give back to the community by participating financially and in restoration events close to your corporate location.

Don’t sweat the details! We got this.

Let us help you, we’ve done this before. We’ll take care of everything needed to provide your employees with a fun and fulfilling volunteering experience – from prepping the site to providing all tools. Our Staff will help plan an overview of the project and provide expert training and guidance throughout the event.

Find the right volunteer event for your group.

Corporate groups up to 20 are welcome to join any volunteer event.

To contact us, check availability on a planned date or a preferred date of your planning, or if you have questions, please contact us.


We are honored to partner with leading companies here in the Bay Area. Sponsorship opportunities are varied and range from food and drink donations, regular restoration events, community programs, and special events. For each sponsorship, you will receive recognition and branding that will be tailored to meet your corporate and philanthropic objectives. We pride ourselves on developing real partnerships that offer mutual benefits at all levels of participation.

Stop Global Destruction is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that depends on donations from supporters and sponsors like you. For more information about sponsoring an event or donating, please contact us.

Corporate Volunteering FAQs

When are the events?

We welcome corporate groups to join our scheduled community restoration events and any private weekday events are typically held between 9am-5pm and are subject to staff availability.

What will we be doing?

Restoration and cleanup projects. Corporate teaching sessions at an off-site or at your corporate location.

Tasks include:

  • Removing non-native vegetation
  • Planting native plants
  • Picking up trash along roadways and beaches

What should volunteers wear?

On outdoor events, sturdy close-toed shoes are required. We recommend dressing in layers that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty, and wearing long pants to help protect against pokey plants. A hat is also recommended.

How much does it cost?

Donations are not required, though they are always much appreciated and are used to support our restoration and education programs. We defer to your company’s charitable giving policies.

How long are volunteer events?

Private events are 3 hours depending on your schedule and interests.

Our scheduled events are 2-2.5 hours long. Check our for dates and times.

How many people can participate?

We can accomodate up to 20 people per group at public events, and a 50 people per group at a private event.

What should volunteers bring?

On outdoor events, please bring a full reusable water bottle to stay hydrated. We will provide all other materials and supplies necessary like bags and uniforms. If you have a place in mind let us know and we will make it happen.

Have another question?

Contact Terry Haggin for all other questions.