Save Endangered Animals

Save Endangered Animals


Worldwide, 90% of all living creatures are on the brink of extinction. You can help them.

There are many things we can do to help endangered animals, here are a few suggestions.

  1. Protect wildlife habitats. Habitat loss is one of the biggest causes of extinction.
  2. Educate others.
  3. Stay away from pesticides and herbicides.
  4. Shop ethically.
  5. Be an ethical citizen, tourist and when you see endangered animals threatened let someone know immediately. Or email us and we will try to help contact the appropriate agencies or individuals.

Why save endangered animals?

There are many endangered animals that are at risk of extinction. What that means is that we are at risk of losing these animals completely.

We put considerable time, effort and money into saving endangered animals, but why? Extinction is a natural process that would happen with or without humans. But, while that is the case, research shows that extinctions are happening quicker now than ever before. And, loss of habitat is by far the biggest cause. This is a problem that we need to address, and here are a few reasons why.

For the enjoyment of future generations

One of the strongest arguments for saving endangered animals is simply that we want to. We get a lot of pleasure out of seeing and interacting with animals. Species that go extinct now are no longer around for us or future generations to see and enjoy. They can only learn about them in books and on the internet. And, that is heartbreaking.

For the environment and other animals

Everything in nature is connected. If you remove one animal or plant it upsets the balance of nature, can change the ecosystem completely and may cause other animals to suffer. For example, bees may seem small and insignificant, but they have a huge role to play in our ecosystem – they are pollinators. This means they are responsible for the reproduction plants. Without bees, many plant species would go extinct, which would upset the entire food chain.

For medicinal purposes

Many of our medicines have come from or been inspired by nature. The loss of plants and animals to extinction takes with it the potential for new cures and drugs that we have yet to discover.

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